1. Wheat and Hop farms altered using the following method will become permanent on your map once the map has been saved.

2. A small No Build exclusion zone will occur on two sides of your farm when using this trick. No Build Exclusion zone will run the length of both sides and be 3 tiles deep on the side that once possessed the hut and 1 tile deep on the other side that once completed the huts corner of the Farm.

Step 1 :

Create a 4 tile x 3 tile stone block as seen in the first picture.

Step 2 :

Place 2 Wooden Gatehouses exactly as it is seen in the following picture. Make sure to orient the gatehouses correctly.

Step 3 :

Delete any remaining stone tiles not erased by the placement of the gatehouses and place a single wooden wall tile.

Step 4 :

Now, select a Wooden Platform and place it as you see in the following picture. The platform may not orient itself the way you want at first. With a wooden wall tile on only one of its faces, the platform will give you only 2 different orientations. To alter between one or the other, left click on your mouse when you select the platform but do not release the button. Move the mouse slightly left or right until the platform alters its orientation to the one you need then release the button.

Step 5 :

Place, then immediately delete a [b]Perimeter Turret[/b] exactly where seen below.

Step 6 :

Now place either a Wheat or Hop farm as seen.

Step 7 :

Simply delete everything except the farm.

Step 8 :

Raise the terrain surrounding the wheat farm to maximum height.

Step 9 :

Place stones over the wheat or hop rows so they overlap as seen in the following picture.

Step 10 :

Erase the stones you placed and repeat steps 8-10 until you achieve the desired height for your farm.

So now you have an, as of yet, unused eyecandy trick at your disposal! Will your map be the first to release with it?

High Flying Hops

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