This trick will let you place usable walkways at lower-than-normal elevations. The general idea is to use the Magic eraser to erase the platform of the “Wooden Platform” and then keep the stairs that the designer wants/needs. Sounds simple, but it is in fact quite complicated. Possibly the only way known to achieve fully-functional wooden walkways at a level less than the norm.

Submitted by UnikUnok and SimRPGplayer

Lowered Wooden Walkways are another long sought after design trick. Difficult and laborious to procure, they are rarely used on maps. Although, not for the faint of heart, this tutorial will add another advanced eye candy trick to your arsenal.

Step 1 :

For the sake of this tutorial, orient your map so the compass’s Red Arrow is pointing North.

Place a 2 tile x 3 tile stone block as seen in the first picture.

Step 2 :

Place a Wooden Gatehouse exactly as it is seen in the following picture. Make sure to orient the gatehouse correctly.

Step 3 :

Repeat Step 1 as seen below.

Step 4 :

Repeat Step 2 as seen below.

Step 5 :

Add a Large Square Stone Tower as seen in the following picture.

Step 6 :

Immediately erase the Large Square Stone Tower but make sure to leave the Wooden Gatehouses.

Step 7 :

Add 3 wooden wall tiles in a row and connect a Wooden Platform to them as seen in the picture below.

Step 8 :

Now all that is left is to do is delete the two Wooden Gatehouses. and the three wooden wall tiles once connected to the Wooden Platform.

There it is! Wooden wall units in various height increments or, in other words, wooden stairs from level 0 to level 1 height.

Now, like a regular wall tile, You can delete each wooden stair tile one at a time!

By keeping certain sections, deleting others, repeating the process and adding a hefty dose of patience, you can build just about anything!

Another advanced design trick available to all.

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Lowered Wooden Walkways
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