Steps To Follow When Cleaning Your Rifle

Steps To Follow When Cleaning Your Rifle

It is crucial that you properly maintain your rifle as a way of enhancing its performance and durability. Not only will you reduce the cost of maintenance but also prevent damages that may occur due to rust.

You will need to set a conducive atmosphere before you start to clean the rifle. Some of the solvents used in cleaning might be toxic, and therefore you will need to be in a well-ventilated place.

Here is the guide for cleaning your rifle:

Assemble the right cleaning products

Before you embark on actual cleaning of your gun, you should ensure that you have the right tools to be used. You might consider buying a cleaning kit that contains all the necessary tools. A cleaning patch, certified solvent, cleaning rod, lubricant, rust protector and patch holders are some of the tools that should be present.  This works similarly to how you would clean a shotgun as well; check out this tutorial.

Start by unloading the rifle

When unloading the rifle, you should point it to a safe direction. Besides unloading the gun in a secure area, ensure that you follow the correct way of unloading. If you are performing partial cleaning, you should disassemble it partially whereas if you are doing deep cleaning, you should entirely remove all parts of your rifle. Disassembling should be done on a table that has ample space. The opened cleaning kit should be on that table.

Clean the rifle’s bore

Once you have unloaded the rifle, you should begin by cleaning the bore; learn more here. A bore snake is a famous tool that is used in this process. You should soak it in the solvent and then clean the bore as you progress towards the direction that the bullet travels. Give the solvent enough time to dissolve as you sweep through the bore. The correct amount of solvent should be used to avoid scrubbing. Since carbon might be present in the rifles bore, you should repeat cleaning through with soaked patch end to end till the patch has no more dirt.

Cleaning and Lubrication of the Chamber and Barrel

This step is easy to do since you need a brush or a mop to wipe through the chamber.

Apply the gun oil, using the rod with attached soaked cotton through the barrel. The oil removes the moisture content that might be resent and also fingerprints that you may have left.

Cleaning the Action

Use the cleaning brush soaked in the solvent to clean the action. Once it is clean, close the action and use a cleaning cloth to wipe through it dry. After this, apply gun oil and also rust protector that will ensure the durability of your rifle.

Reassemble the rifle

Once the rifle is clean and rust protector in place put back all the parts of the rifle. You should avoid any dirt or water to get in contact with the gun.

Store the rifle

The rifle should be stored in a dry safe place. You may opt to use cases for storage. It should be kept out of reach and sight for children and other unauthorized members.

The process of rifle cleaning takes a short period and should be done after every use.…

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