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Game of the Month - sizzling hot deluxe
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1st place
The first game has become a quick way to unbeatable. First, stable place due to its high playability and a very interesting story.
Link to the game:
2nd place
2st place
Great strategy game set that offers us the highest build quality, which we will be able to enjoy many hours of the best of the game.
Link to the game:
3rd place
This title offers us a great adventure that will give us a lot of advantage. It is worthwhile to take a look at this game. We like it alot!
Link to the game:
4th place
Great license, great game. As long as 4th place, but probably still game will show us on the podium and show most actions.
Link to the game:
5th place
Excellent, licensed game that will appeal to not only the fans. It's a great adventure, which will certainly have a higher place over time.
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